February in Tucson brings the world renowned gem show.  Along with that, is a wonderful opportunity to show my work at the historic Hotel Congress.

Speaking in simple terms, specifically simpler times, this body of work is a departure for me.  My signature vibrant colors are replaced with dreamy whites and subdued pastel hues. There is a softness expressed within each character, as if a diffused filter has been applied. Inspired by vintage family photographs from my childhood and my mother's,  I wanted to captured the essence of nostalgia. The end result is a collection of extremely personal images, somehow universally familiar.

If you are in Tucson visiting, Hotel Congress is a delightful diversion, and a perfect opportunity to dine at The Cup Cafe.  My work will hang in the lobby  February 6th through March 8th.

Please stop by and say hello during the artist reception on February 6th, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Abstraction; extended necks and wilting hands, Expression; floating dots and cerulean blue lips and Color; plush alizarin backdrops and emerald green stockings, spill onto each bleached canvas, leaving an indelible stain. Whether palette knife or brush, pure pigment or distilled, each painting brings an abstract thought to life.

Color is my passion, my movement, my expression. My love for color, abstraction of the human form, and need for expression are the forces that drive me to expose the innermost layer. Tucson 12 photographer Martha Cantrell captured this essence recently for a D-town Tucson segement.

Please take a stroll through my virtual gallery. Inside, you can also find additional information about where to view my paintings in person and my biography

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